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An Epic Journey.

     Today we knew that we would have to cover some ground if we were to stand any chance of getting back to the Marina by Monday afternoon. We set off at 7am and it was a perfect boating day. The canal was almost ours. We think that any souls around that early on….

Pottering Around; Messing About by the Canal.

Absolutely no hurry to get up this morning, even though the birds were singing and the sun was shining. We decided upon bacon & egg sarnies for breakfast (how come they did not taste as good as they did when I was steering down the W&B??) eventually, we headed on towards Kinver, mooring up below….

Heavy Wide Locks and Can we get to the Bottom of the Tardebigge?

Coming off the Droitwich

We a had a lovely lie in this morning; our moorings were so quiet. We were not immediately ready to get out of bed, so a lazy morning took place. Eventually we were under way by 9am and straight into the first lock. They didn’t get any lighter or easier to wind, so I swapped….

To shower or not to shower? That is the question.

Staffs & Worcester Canal – 17 Locks                Well we arrived yesterday afternoon, after a pleasant journey down in bright clear weather. Until we were a few miles from our exit junction on the M6 – the rain was torrential, so we exited early and took the back roads,….