About Us at the Narrowboat Interior Shop.

How did we come to operate the Narrowboat Interior Shop?

As you can imagine, we like our narrowboats. My husband has been boating since he was about 6 years old and the family boat, Aqua Roma, has been owned by his parents since 1976. It was always inevitable that I would be bitten by the boating bug as well, and have been a keen boater since 2004.

In 2014, we took the plunge and purchased our own boat, a 36 foot Jonathan Wilson, Harebell. It is that boat that features heavily in my blog as I document my narratives both here and on Instagram (@notesfromasmallnarrowboat)

Apart from the fact that we love our narrowboating trips, we also have a “day job” that helps to keep us in the narrowboating style. For what seems like a lifetime, my husband Marcus had been working in the First Aid industry. In early 2012 he was made redundant from Steroplast Healthcare; the next stage was obvious- we needed to go it alone. In November 2011, I had already registered a First Aid Supplies company at Companies House, as a “bit of a hobby”. However, with redundancy looming, “a bit of a hobby” became something far more serious and since February 2012, Advantage First Aid has become a business that enjoys a great on-line reputation and one that has helped to fund our boating.

With the growing trend in narrowboat interiors and owners striving to update and make their boats a floating sanctuary, we too tackled the updating of our 30 year old boat. It was during the process of renovating the shower that I became disillusioned with the decorative accessories that were available in the shops – they were just too big and to find anything I was looking for I had to trawl through 5 or 6 shops.

Naturally, The Narrowboat Interior Shop was the next step.

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