We arrived last night and only got as far as the Fox and Anchor. This morning we intended to get a good start but a lie in was just too tempting. We had the traditional boating breakfast of bacon & egg sarnies (please can I not have my bacon raw next time, Marcus?!!) We reached the Wolverhampton 21 at 10.10am and set about tackling the flight. James had never done so many locks before, so we were pleased to see that he caught on the idea of going ahead and setting the next one.

Not a bad flight- not the most scenic but fast fillers & emptiers with easy paddle gear, so all in all, an easy task. We were helped along at one lock by some CaRT workers who were grass cutting etc, but who obviously reaslised that it’s great to help people along their way and empty a lock or 2 when they see a boat coming. We passed a boat as well in the middle, so that saved shutting a few gates and meant that a few more locks were in our favour.

Going up a flight of locks is defiantly easier for us, as Marcus can close the top gate as he leaves the lock, leaving one of us spare lock winders to go on ahead and set the next lock. As you can see, although Marcus is tasked with the job, he still has his jumper on all the time, so does not break out into too much of a sweat!

We reached the top of the flight by 12.15pm, the whole 21 locks took us just 2 hrs & 15 mins- not bad for 2 and a half crew members. It seems that we are averaging 10 lock an hour- Quite useful when planning a route. One very pleased James when he reached the top- quite an achievement for him really!

Cruising steadily along the main line of the BCN, we had time for a well earned coffee and and an apple pie. It also gave Marcus the chance to replace the wall screws he lost in the engine room whilst trying to fix the hot water AGAIN!! Picked up lots of plastic bags around the propeller and indulged in home heavy duty full throttle reversing of propellers- Bad Ass Boaters!!

We moored outside the NIA and decided to stay there for the night. A quick wander around Brindley Place and all the workers packed into the bars & pubs reminded us why we are not city slickers! Years ago, they were called yuppies, and the large mobile phone was almost an object of hilarity-Now it seems that city dwelling professional is not complete without the smart phone, finger on the pulse of social media and a bang on trend wardrobe. James enjoyed the water fountain at Brindley place- certainly a lovely evening for it, so we strolled down to Gas Street Basin, seeing as James missed out on a trip through there last time, as the Tardebigge was closed.


24 Locks