3 months after putting a deposit on a new click clack amazin’ sofabed for the boat, we finally made arrangements to collect and fit it. Spurred on by our new space saving cupboard, we’d got greedy for space and wanted a more comfortable sitting/sleeping arrangement to boot.

We drove up yesterday, straight to Bradford to collect the sofa and managed to squeeze it into the van – no mean feat, considering the van was actually too small!! Arriving at the boat later afternoon, we had to fight the urge to get started with the transformation, as we had no idea how long it would take!

This morning was traditionally lazy, albeit with a cold 6.30 start and a quick trip out of bed to light the fire! Traditional cooked breakfast followed and it was the first morning that I didn’t have to put the bed away, simply dismantle it!!! We had cushion/pillow/duvet mountain at the back on James’ bed, but it’s not boating if you’re not playing the household item equivalent of Move the Squares game.

Before….The bunk in its “away” position. Totally uncomfortable and impractical.

Marcus and James set to pulling the wooden frame out  so we had as much space as possible….it took a while but eventually, it was all clear and the new addition could go in!

During. Quite a reasonable amount of space and deceptive with the old bunk in place.

It was surprisingly easy, once we knew which bolt and fixing went where and joy of joy an new, comfortable sofa bed with easy pull out mechanism. Looking forward to testing the bed part out tonight….nice and comfortable I hope!!

New sofa bed, stylish and comfortable.