13 Locks

After a rainy night, and a quiet lie in, we had still not decided upon the next direction for us. The heart wanted to go up the Huddersfield Narrow, but in our heads, we knew that we should be heading back. Circumstances had worked against a summit trip this time, so we just decided to go with the opposite flow.

Last Night’s Mooring

By 11.15, we were at the first lock and then proceeded to enjoy a quiet, pleasant and easy journey through the 9 locks of the canal. Even the weather held off, a few spots of rain, but nothing more. By the time we reached the bottom, our tummies were telling us that it was way past bacon and egg roll time. We moored in the sunshine at Coopers Bridge Cut and enjoyed our well deserved meal.

Off From our Coppers Bridge Mooring.

One of the benefits of having plenty of time before going home is that we can cruise aimlessly with little purpose and regard for time…..a rare opportunity for us! Taking advantage of the benefits that presented themselves to us, we whiled away a few hours, before, during and after our food. Once we were ready, we were under way again, enjoying the afternoon, the warmish weather and the bimble from cut to river, on cut, off cut and on river again-a characteristic of the canal from Brighouse to Fall Ings.

Another characteristic of the British weather is that rain stops play, and so it did with us – fortunately just above Double Locks, one of our favourite. I am now writing this, listening to the rain on the roof and enjoying my tree lined, picturesque, lock view moorings.