After a peaceful night in Digilis Basin, it was time to tackle the mighty Severn again. We started off a little later than we had planned, dropping down onto the Severn at about 9.10am. The level had dropped quite a lot, but the flow was still strong. Needless to say that our progress upstream was a lot more laborious than when we rocketed down previously. A very uneventful cruise, except that James got some popping candy from the lock keeper at Bevere Lock. Arriving at Stourport was really a case of “been there done that”. There were no other boats on the move, so we got to work through the 2 staircase locks at our own efficient pace. James got to show off a little to another boy who was out with his grandparents; he’s a pro at locks now and wanted to show it!!

Sunny Stourport

We mooched on up the Staffs & Worcester, enjoying the sun as it finally broke through the clouds- little by little the layers cam off, until we were in t-shirts at Kidderminster. By this time it was about 3.00 in the afternoon and we had not seen many boats at all- we are wondering how much of an effect the closure of the Tardebigge is going to have on how many boats we see in the next few days. As the hot water is still not right, we stopped outside Sainsburys again and James & I went to do some shopping. He had already spied a Smyths sore and we went in- his eyes lit up at the size of the store and at all the Lego for sale. He bought yet another Lego City model and was a very happy boy. I took him back to the boat whilst I popped into Sainsburys; when I returned, there was Lego & Lego packaging EVERYWHERE. Marcus has fixed the water quite easily, so we had some food then decided to set off up the canal a little further.


  James & me at Falling Sands Lock (or Shifting Sands, as James keeps calling it!!)


We did not go far, as we wanted to waste some time in Kinver the next day, so we popped through the next few locks and settled just below Whittington Lock for the night. Another lovely evening with another beautifully quiet mooring spot. The only issue is the one now arising from the fact that we have found the perfect boat to purchase, but not enough money to do so! Ambassador was built by Charlie Fox in 1976- she could be the direct sister to Aqua Roma.

16 locks