After arriving at the marina fairly late in the day, we only got as far as Woodnook lock as darkness approached: We tucked on the end of the lock moorings and settled down for the night.

is the case when one moors up at night, there is not a lot of awareness about one’s surroundings……However the next morning, the sun shone brightly and bathed our moorings in glorious sunshine. As it was the first full day of our trip, we were keen to get going and the twinkly waters of the Aire & Calder were soon ahead of us. A quick “hello” to friends at Kings Road lock and the trip continued. Soon enough, Fall Ing Lock took us through Wakefield and onto the Calder & Hebble.

The day continued in Autumnal sunshine as we passed from cut to river section and back again. We shared a few locks with another boat, but it seemed more of a chore than a pleasure- sometimes the crews just don’t “jel”. However, many hands make light work and we weren’t about to pass up the opportunity to reduce the lock winding, so we went through 7 locks with them, including a set of my favourite- Double Locks at Dewsbury, which still looked as lovely as they did the time we were moored there for the night in August.

They wanted to stop at Mirfield, so we took the opportunity to press on a little- half hoping to get to Brighouse that night, but it was not to be so we managed a lovely woody mooring, on Battyeford Cut, just before the river section.