Really, Marcus is just the jammy one- I have sat for hours looking at boat after boat after boat, finding nothing. The first one he looks at (on a webpage that I’d left open and walked away from, before getting the chance to browse properly) and he spies Harebell. When we first saw her, we all went “ooooh, she’s lovely”. This time we took James and he was very impressed

The future of narrowboating for the Hacker Family.
Harebell- Unloved & For Sale

We felt that we needed to look at Ambassador again, so zipped of down the M1 to Gayton. If anything, looking around it for the second time, we were surer than ever that although she was a dear little boat, she just wasn’t for us. We’d had our £14,000 offer rejected and just felt that we could not pay more AND face the prospect of future problems and time consuming work on the windows.  We said a sad goodbye to the boat that had inspired our dreams and  chewed the fat over Harebell. Only having seen 2 boats, it seemed incredible that we’d found THE ONE, so we nipped of to Whilton Marina to see a load of boats that changed our thinking to “thank goodness we have only had to look at 2 boats before we found THE ONE”- looking at sad, neglected boats (they fall into our price range, unfortunately) is soul destroying. We drove back home, feeling optimistic and trying to decide on the best opening offer for Harebell.