Although the Witham river levels had given us some cause for concern recently and Harebell had spent a lot of time on the bottom of the river, we needn’t have worried about getting wedged on the bottom. Granted, she had been “floatier” but, with the sun shining and the twinkly Witham calling us on, we reversed from our moorings an pointed Harebell’s nose Lincoln bound. What a treat, boating in the sunshine- we’d spent very little time on this section of the river and the good pace put a smile on all our faces.

A little way short of kirkstead Bridge, we were asked by a fellow boater if we could give them a tow to the pontoon mooring just beyond the bridge- a wooden boat that at first glance, looked like the kindest thing was to let it rest in peace. However, things are not always what they seem- The boat in question was Framar London a historic boat that was thought to be a search and rescue boat during the second world war. After some maneuvering, we managed to Framar Londonget Harebells stern in place to tow the old girl a few 100 feet up river.IMG_0658









Good deed done for the day and we headed up towards Bardney for some much needed water and enjoyed a pleasant hour or so there in the sunshine. As we don’t have far to go until we get to Torksey and we can’t get through until Sunday a boat free mooring at Fiskerton was just too tempting to resist. A little early, but hey it’s early days!

Sunshine at Bardney
Harebell basking in the sunshine at Bardney.