A cold January Friday and we find ourselves on the way to check on the boats. With all the wind, rain & cold, we need to check on them. Plus, Harebell needs draining down and we didn’t want to wait until the freezing weather came, because then we’d be driving in the freezing weather.

Needless to say, flippin’ cold!! Lost my touch with getting the fire going, but remembered my trick after the 3rd attempt…… In the mean time, the wood was keeping Marcus nice and warm, as he was chopping it!

The fire is all roaring away nicely now and although tit has taken a while for the heat to filter down to the back, we are toasty. I am using a bottle of Olive Oil as a temperature gauge- When we first go here, it was solid and cloudy. Now the heat has had chance to get through, it’s beginning to un- solidify-(Am sure there is a dedicated word, but not sure what it is!!)

How Cold is it in our Boat?
Olive Oil Temperature Gauge
 We have brought a load of things back down as well, boring things like clean towel & duvet covers etc, but also our wonderful buckby cans, painted by Paul- They truly are the most wonderful Christmas present. Really looking forward to cruising with them on the roof in the summer.
 Not too cold down the back and in Autumn/Spring, it will be fine. Think we need to get the Alde boiler sorted tho.