Once the Witham, the drains and surrounding area had been explored, we decided that it was time to move moorings- We’d had a great time on Lincolnshire’s river but wanted to explore new territory.Fond Memories of the Witham So began much research and a dash up the A1 to the Leeds area to investigate. Whilst up there, I found that, as usual, the waterways made little sense to me as I had not cruised them. However I was looking forward to learning. After much deliberation, we decided on Lemonroyd Marina, mainly because of the reciprocal agreement at BWML Marinas- the plan was to use that in order to extend our cruising range. The moorings were taken from the 1st June and on that date we set off up the Witham in search of new adventures; we mainly found horrendous weather and a trip up the Trent that would make our Chesterfield Trip look easy! The weather was very windy up to Lincoln, but bright & sunny and we got as far as Southrey for that day. However, the forecast was not on our side and we found ourselves postponing the trip through Torksey (again!!) and staying in Lincoln an extra day. We made the best of it and indulged in a spot of shopping and eating out, all the time keeping an eye on the forecast. Finally, the weather seemed to have calmed down a little and we were booked on a 6.30 start and a 7am high water passage. Due to the hours the lockies at Torksey keep, it was best we went through the evening before our passage and wait on the pontoons below. We had the great fortune of finding the best lockie ever who was able to explain a few more things about the behaviour of tidal waters- a little knowledge goes a long way! Feeling quite confident, we locked though at Torksey and tied up on the lower pontoon and had an early night in preparation for the next days adventures.

Harebell at Antons Gowt
Feeling Nostalgic- Harebell at Anton’s Gowt- However, it Was Time to Move On.